LEAP OF FAITH is a fundraiser where participants raise pledges and then take part in a Tandem Skydive. It’s tandem, so that mean’s anyone can do it, there’s no experience necessary! Funds raised through the event go to providing homeless and vulnerable youth with programs, support and emergency services, including housing. This year, LEAP OF FAITH will take place on Thursday July 12 at Skydive Vancouver (5112 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford). Festivities will kick off around 3:00pm and as long as there’s daylight, there will be skydiving! There’s also activities for kids, live music, and food! Admission to the event is FREE but bring cash for food! Dinner starts at 5pm.


Those who want to participate in the skydive are asked to fundraise a minimum of $700 to take part. To Register simply fill out the form bellow and we will be in contact with you within 2 business days. There are weight restrictions set out by Skydive Vancouver of 220 pounds. Please be advised that they are unable to allow anyone over this weight to skydive. There are no age restrictions for participating however anyone under 18 will require the permission and signature of a parent or guardian. All donations you receive for your jump are elligible for a tax receipt. After you register you will be sent a pledge form to record your donations. Donations must be accompanied by a name and FULL mailing address for the donor to receive a tax receipt. Cheques can be made out to “Cyrus Centre”. Individuals can also donate to your jump directly online*.


*please wait 1-3 business days to be notified of any online donations that may have come in on behalf of your jump


If you would like information about being a sponsor for this event please contact Maren at 604-845-8778 or maren@cyruscentre.com


For more information on the event or if you have any questions please contact Maren at 604-845-8778 or maren@cyruscentre.com

*Note: all donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt if donor's full name and mailing address are provided.